“Don’t just take it at face value.”

It is true about many elements of digital marketing - from reporting metrics to media partners. It is especially true when it comes to securing diverse ad placements through programmatic platforms.

Our SVP & GM Nick Drabicky sat down with The Wall Street Journal’s Megan Graham to discuss the importance of genuinely investing in diverse publishers when it comes to programmatic advertising.

Advertisers must do the work to not only prioritize, budget and select minority-, LGBTQ+-, and/or women-owned placements through partners, but vet those publishers to ensure that ad dollars are being spent in alignment with the company’s goals and commitments.

Do your research.
Be intentional with your actions and explicit with your execution.
Ensure that every partner you work with is clear about your goals and parameters.
Then, check twice to confirm your budgets are being placed where you believe them to be.

Check out the full article here to read Megan’s analysis and hear how advertisers are tackling this vital challenge head-on.

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