Getting closer to the customer

Posted by Team JD | June 13, 2024

How do you get closer to your customers?

Shoptalk Europe 2024

Posted by Team JD | June 11, 2024

Shoptalk Europe has earned the moniker "the Coachella of Retail."

Mastering Customer Centricity to Unlock Value

Posted by Team JD | June 6, 2024

Do you know who your most valuable customers are?

AI, Ad Placements & Audiences: What You Need To Know From Google Marketing Live 2024

Posted by Team JD | May 29, 2024

The one thing that is constant in the digital landscape is change. For advertisers, staying agile and adaptable to new advancements is crucial for maintaining efficiency and improving…

Google AI Overviews: What you need to know about the feature's rollout

Posted by Team JD | May 21, 2024

The one thing that is certain in this industry is the certainty of change. Google I/O was held last week, and the most important change advertisers need to be aware of is the AI…

Innovation: Coming to a Screen Near You

Posted by Team JD | May 20, 2024

What You Need To Know From The 2024 IAB NewFronts

Creative is the New Black: 2024 Guide to TikTok Success

Posted by Team JD | May 9, 2024

You have six seconds to hook them. In today's fast-paced digital landscape, capturing consumer attention demands innovation, personalization and constantly having strong creative with…

Shoptalk 2024

Posted by Team JD | March 26, 2024

Now that Shoptalk 2024 has come to an end, we can reflect on nights at the blackjack table, the electric Ludacris concert, and the compelling conversations that drew us to Vegas in the…

Super Bowl 2024 Ads Recap: Hits, Misses and Everything in Between

Posted by Team JD | February 16, 2024

Every year, millions of Americans tune in to the Super Bowl. Most watch the programming for the game, while others are interested in witnessing the competition among brands vying to…

Everything you need to know from Expedia's unpack '24 trends in travel report

Posted by Team JD | January 8, 2024

If we learned anything from cyber week performance or 2024 predictions, it is that more and more consumers are shifting their spending from shopping to experiences. Mastercard’s 2023…