As Marketers Seek Diverse-Owned Media Buys, Some Dollars Directed to Unwanted Sites

Posted by Wall Street Journal | September 14, 2023

“Don’t just take it at face value.” It is true about many elements of digital marketing - from reporting metrics to media partners. It is especially true when it comes to securing…

Three Things Marketers Should Know About Ad Spending Trends

Posted by Wall Street Journal | July 8, 2022

Wondering what you should know about ad spending trends? Our SVP/GM of Client Strategy + Services, Nick Drabicky, shared with The Wall Street Journal's Megan Graham.

Madison Avenue Loves the Idea of a Netflix With Ads

Posted by Wall Street Journal | April 20, 2022

There could be opportunity on the horizon for advertisers with the news from Netflix around a potential lower priced, ad-supported version. Megan Graham from The Wall Street Journal…