“If you cannot practice self advocacy, it is going to be incredibly difficult for you to advocate for others.”

Our President, Sarah Engel, gave this advice and much more when she sat down with host and people pro Ren Akinci for Advertising Week’s Great Minds: People and Culture Podcast.

Here are a few of the key takeaways about navigating mentor relationships and championing those around you:

🎙️ Mentor, reverse-mentor, and sponsor relationships are all essential building blocks for both individual and organizational growth. 
🎙️The key to a successful mentor relationship is diversity, paired with an explicit agreement on the parameters of the mentorship. Seek out an expert with a different background, skillset, and expertise from you to truly maximize your development and mutual learning.
🎙️“Advocacy has a broader industry impact or even societal impact, beyond an organization.” Act as an advocate in your professional relationships, speaking others’ names and expertise when they’re not in the room, actively making introductions and sponsoring them to others.

Thank you to Advertising Week and to Ren for such an open and important conversation. Listen to the full episode here.

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