Both the Writers Guild and SAG are on strike. Production is delayed for our favorite shows. But are we affected beyond missing out on seeing our favorite celebrities walking the red carpet?

As marketers, yes. Yes we are.

Kristina Monllos of Digiday captures the strike’s halo effect on brands in her conversation with our founder and CEO, Vic Drabicky. She details the challenges brands are facing amidst the strike and how advertisers are moving forward in the weeks ahead:

- Brand endorsements and commercial jobs should be largely unaffected as actors will be able to promote partnerships as long as they don’t reference TV or film projects prohibited by the terms of the strike.
- Many advertisers are temporarily shifting their partnerships from scripted projects and late-night talk shows to sports and reality TV. These live and unscripted programs can proceed despite the strikes.
- While brands will certainly be challenged during this time, especially as the strike continues, this can be an opportunity to breed innovation and provide opportunities to improve upon the standard ways of working.

To learn more about the ongoing strikes and broader implications, read the full article here:

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