“TikTok Shop is the new Amazon!” - TikTok

Just kidding… sort of!

TikTok is pushing brands to sell through the app’s shopping feature, marketing themselves as a competitor to Amazon. Our CEO & founder, Vic Drabicky, sat down with Insider’s Lauren Johnson to discuss the reception to TikTok Shop by retailers and brands. Vic detailed brands’ necessary considerations in leveraging TikTok as a retail platform:

- TikTok isn’t the first app to roll out a shopping feature. Instagram launched Shops in 2020, which didn’t generate significant incremental revenue for brands.
- Given the current economic state, many brands are wary of investing scarce resources before more success metrics are available. Expanding into TikTok Shop is a heavy lift for brands with unknown returns.
- While bigger brands are more likely to shy away from TikTok Shop, smaller retailers have an incentive to use the platform since TikTok would handle their e-commerce and shipping needs.

You can read the full article here.

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