Would you pay $14 for an ad-free Instagram feed?

How about scrolling TikTok without ads for $4.99?

These previously hypothetical questions could become a reality. There are reports that Meta plans to launch an SNA, subscription no-ads, option for its users.

What does this mean? Our CEO & Founder Vic Drabicky connected with Vogue Business’ Madeleine Schulz to separate the hype from the reality. Until usage hits the 5 percent opt-in mark, it means advertisers can take a breath… for now. His advice?

“The healthiest brands are those that have a well-balanced spend across the entire funnel, across a wider variety of mediums, and have a more sophisticated view of marketing measurement in place.”

To learn more about Meta’s reported SNA, other platforms potentially following suit, and how brands are reacting, check out the full article here.

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