The bumpy ride that is 2020 has likely shifted consumer purchase behavior forever. As marketers, we have spent every day strategizing to stay ahead of the next change and looking for opportunity to build even better, longer term loyalty for the brands we serve. But how do we make a lasting impact now, even with so much unknown? Below are two marketing strategies we’ve seen work magic in the chaos of 2020:
  1. Be real and be relevant.
Let’s face it, the ad space is cluttered, and brands have a small window to get their message across. In a post COVID world, it’s even more crowded and consumers are so over bullsh*t. Be real. Be relevant. And speak up for what you stand for as a brand. If it’s racial injustice, or putting a stop to hate speech, actions speak louder than fluffy words and pretty pictures. “25% of consumer’s purchase decision is driven by cultural relevance” (Ad Age, 2020)
  1. Co-viewing is having a moment and it’s here to stay.
According to Nielsen, co-viewing (using multiple devices at the same time) grew during the early months of the pandemic in the U.S., and hasn’t tapered off much after that initial spike. Since March, social media also saw a co-viewing increase, with +44% of people using leading social media platforms while watching TV. 3  Consumers are watching TV, browsing on Facebook, and shopping on Amazon all at the same time. This concept of “co-viewing” means brands must create multi-channel, synchronous experiences for consumers as they consume media in multiple ways all at the same time. A great example of cultural relevance and co-viewing working together is from the 2020 NFL draft. . The NFL Draft positioned themselves as a virtual event this year, allowing them to hone in on the co-viewing trend. This strategy shift resulted in 171M views on draft content & +62% increase in avg. daily NFL mentions on Twitter. (Ad Age, 2020) Creating authentic experiences for consumers isn’t anything new, but it looks much different from here on out, and we’re here for it.

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