Shoptalk 2024

Posted by Team JD | March 26, 2024

Now that Shoptalk 2024 has come to an end, we can reflect on nights at the blackjack table, the electric Ludacris concert, and the compelling conversations that drew us to Vegas in the…

Super Bowl 2024 Ads Recap: Hits, Misses and Everything in Between

Posted by Team JD | February 16, 2024

Every year, millions of Americans tune in to the Super Bowl. Most watch the programming for the game, while others are interested in witnessing the competition among brands vying to…

Everything you need to know from Expedia's unpack '24 trends in travel report

Posted by Team JD | January 8, 2024

If we learned anything from cyber week performance or 2024 predictions, it is that more and more consumers are shifting their spending from shopping to experiences. Mastercard’s 2023…

How Brands Can Leverage Meta's New Offerings to Meet Customers Where they Are

Posted by Team JD | November 20, 2023

Consumers expect to be served where, when and how it matters most to them. Brands have been struggling to keep up with this constant demand and are working towards diversifying their…

How Retailers & Advertisers Can Maximize Amazon’s Q4 Shopping Events

Posted by Team JD | October 6, 2023

Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday - Oh My! Amazon’s seasonal events span Q4 with multiple opportunities to capture elevated traffic and high purchase intent on the platform. As…

Unified Commerce and AI... oh my! Groceryshop 2023

Posted by Team JD | September 22, 2023

Unified Commerce is the New Omnichannel

How Retailers Can Leverage Back-to-School Shopping Trends To Inform Q4 Strategy

Posted by Team JD | September 6, 2023

School is in session and back-to-school shopping has come to an end. The results are coming in, and the 2023 back-to-school shopping season has shown strong initial performance.…

You can’t afford not to test - The 20% Rule

Posted by Team JD | August 28, 2023

Testing is often thought of as a luxury that only businesses in growth mode can afford to invest in. As the markets shift and customer loyalty wanes, brands are realizing that testing…

TikTok Holiday Strategy: What Advertisers Need to Know to Succeed in Q4 2023

Posted by Team JD | August 3, 2023

‘Tis the season of Q4 planning. While most major advertising platforms have started providing tools for holiday planning, we’ve been working with TikTok closely to provide best…

How Brands Can Leverage “RushTok” for Back-to-School Gains

Posted by Team JD | July 18, 2023

Back-to-school shopping is starting earlier than ever this year, and it’s not just about being prepared for that first day of class. There is an annual clothing, jewelry and beauty…