Our second article for our “Year of Agility” series is live in Total Retail. The Post-ish Covid Consumer: Keep Pandemic Era Conveniences to Acquire, Retain Customers goes into how retailers and brands can acquire and retain customers right now. We know some consumer behavior will stay the same, and some will change, but which is which? In our custom research report released with Coresight Research, A Year of Agility — What Post-ish Covid-19 Consumer Behavior Looks Like Right Now , consumers were quite clear about what they want from retailers in the months ahead:
  • 50% of consumers consider fast and free delivery important when deciding where to shop. While consumers are going back into stores, they still expect that quick convenient turnaround to stick around.
  • Nearly half of consumers say easy, fast and free product returns are very important - and that the return process needs to be seamless regardless of channel in order to try and recover some of the lost margin on rising return rates.
  • Customers expect a seamless omnichannel experience, more than a third of U.S. consumers say this is true.
So, how do you as a retailer or brand respond? You can’t be everything to everyone, so how do you meet consumer expectations and still remain profitable? The answer: Ask your customer. Whether it’s survey data, customer service feedback, data or behavior trends, their feedback will guide the way.  You can read the full piece here along with the first article in the series, The Year of Agility: No New Normal.

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