Every marketer knows the term “consumer centric,” but are brands living by this? During this unpredictable time when consumer behavior is changing on a daily basis, it is crucial that brands meet their customers where they are. From what we have seen so far, the businesses that have been most successful are those that are focused on understanding and building stronger relationships with current consumers, and those with a strong E-commerce presence and streamlined online purchase process. Below are a few ways to invest in customer loyalty during these uncertain times:
  1. Listen to your customers. Before you speak to your customers, do your homework. Listen to what they are saying. Consider their recent purchases and behaviors, and let the data inform how you choose to market to them. It’s important to notice what is happening organically first in order to understand your consumer and their feelings so that you can speak appropriately to them. Business growth relies on their receptiveness to your brand’s messaging!
  2. Over-invest in current customers, cultivating good relationships, and getting repeat purchases. Right now, most brands are focusing their messaging on “work from home attire,” but it’s important to consider that most consumers probably won’t buy their fifth comfy sweater from a brand they’re unfamiliar with.  Don’t waste time trying to win new customers if you’re not providing essentials right now. Instead, consider brand equity and invest in getting purchases from long time customers who already know and love your brand.
  3. Refine your E-commerce experience. In order to thrive in this current and post-pandemic retail world, business must embrace E-commerce. While this seems obvious, the reality is that many businesses still rely heavily on brick and mortar sales, and invest much less in their online shopping experiences. Even if your business already has a strong E-commerce presence, now is the time to perfect the customer’s experience when buying on site. Consider page load times, ease of cart filling process, payment options, digital apps, and customer service. The more enjoyable and simple the online buying process, the more likely a consumer is to return and make another purchase.
Currently, as consumers crave humanity, trust, and ease of experience with brands, the best way to market is to remain consumer centric. We must remember that, ultimately, growth is built and loyalty is maintained by investing in relationships.

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