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The seismic shifts in retail and eCommerce that were accelerated by consumer behavior shifts amid COVID-19 are here to stay and will continue to evolve. A crucial consideration that every retailer and marketer should be aware of is how TV is viewed, purchased and measured. TV has become a core digital channel for reaching consumers and while navigating the "new normal" can feel overwhelmingly complex. We're here to make it simple. CTV has become as impactful as (if not more than) any other marketing channel at engaging customers in a digital forward environment. There is a common misconception that CTV has infinite barriers to entry when in reality, it is just as easy to get started with CTV as any other performance media channel, such as paid search or paid social. The targeting and measurement capabilities, in tandem with no upfront investment requirements, makes CTV a must for any brand looking to push their digital marketing strategy and capitalize on a channel that enables audience-first targeting Over the last turbulent year, CTV has helped brands across sectors - from retail to lifestyle to CPG - activate audiences for strong business results. With over 84M American homes streaming through CTV devices (6M more than cable subscribers), those who are successful will be the brands that are able to agilely pivot to reach customers where they are consuming. We are here to dispel the common misconceptions that would perhaps prevent brands from capitalizing on such a dynamic opportunity, like:

>Myth: I can’t afford it. Reality: You can. For about $25k, test & learn to understand the impact of CTV for your business.

>Myth: I don’t run traditional/linear TV so I can’t run CTV. Reality: Yes, you can. You don’t need a big budget or expensive creative production to succeed with CTV.

>Myth: I can’t buy it programmatically. Reality: Yes, you can. Any tv that isn’t linear can be bought programmatically - just like you would buy any other digital media.

For a more indepth guide, check out our guide, “ The Year of Agility: Connected TV to Drive Retail Success .” It addresses the key questions that CMOs and heads of eCommerce are asking about CTV and provides a CTV Reality Reference Guide for teams to gain a shared understanding of the opportunity to adapt, integrate and drive success with CTV in 2021.

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