Today January Digital is announcing that our Good Works program has donated $100,000 to Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support to build the January Childcare Center slated to open in 2023. This room will be a safe haven for kids to use while their mothers deal with the legal, financial, and therapeutic requirements that come with escaping abusive situations.

Giving back to our community is etched into our company culture through our Good Works program. Since its inception we have given thousands of hours of community service, donated to those in need and created purpose for our team. Our partnership with Genesis started with the rewarding acts of serving food, moving mattresses and assembling furniture but we knew we were capable of something bigger.

Our vision with Genesis and with Good Works went above and beyond a volunteer project or donation, we wanted to make a lasting, relationship based impact and ideate a corporate and non-profit relationship that would live far beyond just our company. We see Good Works as not only improving lives in our communities but also improving the lives of our clients and our team by giving the gift of purpose. By donating this room, our team members, and clients will be able to volunteer in the room, will see the impact our donation has made, and will continue to help it live on for many many years to come.

You can read the full press release here

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