Victoria’s Secret is the world’s largest intimates specialty retailer and launched a third party brands division to bring even more innovative and industry leading brands to their strong consumer base. The organization brought on January Consulting to identify monetization opportunities for new revenue generation within their third party division. 



We identified the opportunity to build a co-op marketing program, which would provide greater opportunities for third-party brands to access the Victoria’s Secret consumer. We developed the multi-year business case and strategy plan to execute this new revenue initiative, and after receiving the greenlight on the business case we went to work to stand it up. 

Our work to bring this new program to life involved establishing all operational elements of the program including organizational design, human resourcing needs, job descriptions, as well as defining all processes to effectively execute the program from start to finish. We also designed the pricing and reporting framework for the program, and developed brand guidelines for the program including naming of the program, all internal and external sales and marketing collateral.

To ensure the program was launched successfully, we built the go-to-market strategy and then executed it alongside our Victoria’s Secret clients. This involved executing a sales process end-to-end with more than two-dozen third-party brands to ensure they understood, found value in, and agreed to participate in the new Victoria’s Secret Partner Marketing program. In working side by side with the Victoria’s Secret team, we successfully trained them to run the program independently long-term.



The Victoria’s Secret Partner Marketing program has become a financially sustainable vehicle for bringing deeper marketing opportunities to its third-party brands. In year one more than 80% of third-party brands participated, and the program delivered a 2:1 ROI

January Consulting brought unique expertise in their ability to think big about a new business opportunity. They delivered high quality work which they were able to seamlessly execute within our fast-moving organization. Most importantly, they helped our teams build the muscles required to grow and be competitive in an ever-changing market landscape.

Kristen Lagoa Vice President of Emerging Business at Victoria’s Secret