"We need to be nice humans" is a statement put out by the Union for retail workers due to the current economic state, supply chain issues and the earlier than ever promotions for Black Friday. 

Walmart is cancelling inflation by lowering costs on all goods for Thanksgiving Dinner and Nordstrom (traditionally non-promo retailer) has gone “gaga for markdowns”.

Our SVP + GM of Strategy, Tierney Wilson, states “Black Friday has historically been the start of the holiday shopping and markdown season,” said Tierney Wilson, SVP of strategy and consulting at January Digital. “Black Friday doesn’t have the same impact that it used to have. The promotions, historically reserved for Black Friday are now a season-long event, beginning in October. Given this, it wouldn’t be surprising if Black Friday doesn’t exist in 15 years and the smartest retailers will begin to develop alternate methods for generating sales without being reliant on Black Friday-type promotions.”

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