Don't Wait to Prioritize Brand Awareness - Act Now

Posted by MediaPost | October 20, 2023

Too many brands are starving, while marketers are feeding the performance machine. As senior marketers are sometimes held to unrealistic short term, performance marketing expectations,…

How much would social media users pay to avoid ads?

Posted by Vogue Business | October 17, 2023

Would you pay $14 for an ad-free Instagram feed? How about scrolling TikTok without ads for $4.99? These previously hypothetical questions could become a reality. There are reports…

Steve Madden Extends Partnership With January Digital

Posted by Women's Wear Daily (WWD) | October 11, 2023

Sometimes - and most of the time when it comes to Josh Krepon - our clients say it best. After a year of partnership with our January Consulting team, we are proud to now become Steve…

Snapchat sunsets its AR Enterprise division as it vows to give advertisers AR tools

Posted by Digiday | September 29, 2023

Snapchat’s AR Enterprise - another casualty to economic uncertainty. Although Snapchat continues to commit to providing augmented reality offerings to advertisers in new ways in the…

Twitch, iHeartMedia and Priceline are among the 2023 Digiday Award winners

Posted by Digiday | September 26, 2023

Hundreds of entries. Six finalists. One E-Commerce Strategy of the Year. We’re bursting with excitement and pride that we have been awarded the Best E-Commerce Strategy of the Year by…

Case Study | The Essential Brand Marketing Guide

Posted by Business of Fashion | September 20, 2023

The current buzzword among marketers is omnipresence. Your customers are everywhere. Why isn’t your brand?

The Pulse & Passion Behind January Digital

Posted by The Retail Podcast | September 19, 2023

Doing more with less. This is imperative for retailers and advertisers in 2024. Despite the many headwinds, these challenges have bred innovation and creative solutions. Our President,…

As Marketers Seek Diverse-Owned Media Buys, Some Dollars Directed to Unwanted Sites

Posted by Wall Street Journal | September 14, 2023

“Don’t just take it at face value.” It is true about many elements of digital marketing - from reporting metrics to media partners. It is especially true when it comes to securing…

The Importance of Out of Home

Posted by The Rebrand Podcast | September 13, 2023

If you are not looking at out-of-home, you need to ask if you’re breaking through the noise. Out-of-home is making a comeback, and although it is easy to think of it as an older, less…

2023 Digiday awards finalists

Posted by Digiday | September 12, 2023

What do the Dutton family and Augmented Reality have in common? These were just two ways we partnered with our innovative clients at Carhartt to drive e-commerce transformation and…