Using Social to Prove Scalable Revenue Increases

When our long-time partner, Vineyard Vines, came to us with the challenge to increase paid social media revenue while also improving return, we knew basic lookalike audience modeling wouldn’t cut it. Together, we took the approach of data-first and parsed through historical purchase data to create a new theory of how customers purchased through social. We then identified how the product a consumer purchased in the past would influence their future purchases. By identifying 30+ different trends, JD was able to build highly targeted campaigns, each tied into a customer’s previous purchase behavior.



To hit our aggressive goals, we needed to leverage the data segments we had to predict purchases as quickly as possible.  Rather than serving customers ads based on previous purchases, we went one step further and delivered messaging on Facebook and Instagram to past high-value customers on Facebook and Instagram based on what we anticipated their next purchase to be.

We did this by identifying high-value customers. We then delved into their purchase history to create 30+ unique personas based on a myriad of granular factors including: fabric and color preference, season purchased, full-price or sale customer, cart total, item purchased.

We then used each persona’s past behavior to predict their most immediate future purchase.  This innovative data-driven methodology allowed us to more rapidly close the sales cycle by delivering anticipatory messaging and visuals in alignment with our prediction.



The campaign was a massive success beating all of our set out goals. We were able to drive 185% more revenue at +92% higher ROI YoY. Some other notable improvements in performance were:

  • Drove +34% higher conversion rate YoY at a -24% lower cost
  • Influenced 46% of total site revenue during campaign period
  • This expanded audience targeting led to +147% more traffic at a -24% lower cost, which converted at a +34% better rate.
  • Campaign drove -24% lower average CPC YoY, yielding a higher ROI YoY
  • Reached all necessary target audiences without oversaturation by launching new campaigns each week; resulting in 40% – 60% lower average CPC for a campaign’s initial 24 hours

“To drive traffic and increase sales for a specific sales initiative, we needed to reach and engage a specific audience using a paid social campaign. Thanks to January Digital's data-driven audience segmentation, meticulous spend management and implementation of targeted messaging for each audience group, we reached +147% more traffic at a -24% lower cost. January Digital’s highly analytical, responsive and forward-thinking team embodies everything we look for in a partner. As an entrepreneurial brand, we continue to view them as a natural extension of our internal team. ”
- Jory Benerofe, VP, Creative Strategy, Vineyard Vines