Streamlining Media Strategy to Boost Awareness and Revenue

In 2019, our client, a NYC born fashion brand, approached us with the need for a more streamlined media strategy that would boost awareness through goal-oriented buying and budgeting.



Prior to JD’s restructure, the brand’s budget and campaign structure across all channels were set up individually according to legacy best marketing practices, lacking in full-funnel management, automation, and efficiency.

 As we streamlined ownership and management of the full-funnel, we took the following approach to drive 31% growth YoY:

  1. Implemented “Waterfall” budgeting, which uses AI to prioritize the most efficient channels in real-time. By using this technique we immediately removed investment in lower performing channels and found efficiencies through automation. 
  2. Integrated more accurate tracking methods to show bottom-funnel direct response attribution.
  3. Rebuilt their Social, Display, and Search structures from the ground up to develop a structure that was adaptable to optimization and audience insight measurement.
  4. Leveraged our learned audience insights from the bottom of the funnel to extend our reach through audience matching for brand awareness. Through innovative branding placements and alignment we created new to market media opportunities that contributed to a total Paid Media increase of 26% in conversions YoY.



Our shift in overall marketing strategy allowed us to connect the dots from the top funnel all the way down to the bottom funnel for the first time, which ultimately resulted in meeting goals for the brand and a 31% increase in total paid media revenue from $600K to $800K YoY.