Onboarding and the Transformation of Data

When onboarding new client, David’s Bridal, we knew our first project to tackle was getting a better data collection system in place so we could all make better decisions more quickly. Together, we collectively onboarded all of David’s Bridal customer data and associated it to different customer profiles to drive our new marketing strategy.



With 40mm rows of data daily, David’s Bridal needed data organization. Weekly reports were 40MB to download and visuals were scarce. We worked alongside the David’s Bridal team to not only organize their data, clean it, and make it easy to segment, but we also completely revamped their reporting to deliver web-based visual data tool solutions to streamline their high level data to make it simpler to see complex data on a regular basis.



  • Onboarded, organized and automated 40+ million rows of data across 10 marketing channels.
  • Built consistent tagging structure, standardized legacy tagging.
  • Migrated 50mb spreadsheet reports to automated BI-based reporting.
  • Drastically reduced reporting time, led to rapid optimization of 800+ campaigns, and allowed for fluid cross-channel budgeting.


“JD's data onboarding strategy gave my team the ability to make data based decisions, quickly.”
- Diana Takach, SVP Digital