Since StriVectin’s launch in 2002, they’ve broken the barriers of conventional skincare science, creating new, powerfully effective solutions for aging and changing skin. They make scientifically formulated, clinically proven skincare for aging and changing skin. Powered by NIA-114™ — a patented form of skin barrier-strengthening Niacin / Vitamin B3 — and built on biomedical research and scientific integrity. StriVectin has been a leader in skincare for 20 years because their products really work, and have won over 100+ beauty awards based on their relentless pursuit of innovation. Confidence comes with visible transformation and great skin, and StriVectin’s products are made for every skin type, tone, and age, and all products are free of parabens, PETA-certified cruelty-free.



StriVectin continues to be a scientifically formulated and clinically proven skincare brand that is continuously evolving the beauty industry. They brought on January Digital to help tackle diversifying tactics across social channels and platforms to increase traffic and conversion rates. With the end goal to diversify the mid-funnel efforts to obtain new customers and differentiate within the crowded market; StriVectin wanted to use the channel to grow our bottom-funnel retargeting audiences as well.



With the focus on increasing traffic and improving conversion rates, the January Digital team went to work building a diversified social strategy that improved engagement, performance efficiency and measurability. The results were outstanding, with an increase of qualified traffic to site resulted in retargeting pool growth for bottom funnel tactics. We specifically saw significant numbers in our tested expansion on TikTok, where not only did ROAS increase by 32% vs Meta, but Performance CTR (+6%) and Branded CTR (+38%) reported higher than Meta as well – better preparing us for holiday with our evolved media mix.