We are halfway through Shoptalk, and there's been so much great content! 

Here are our top 5 things to know so far: 

  1. Pinterest announced it's new app "Shuffles" which provides a new way to shop by creating collage boards - check out this write up on Tech Crunch.  

    Also, Pinterest has made it their mission to bring positivity back to social media. CEO Bill Ready stated, “I don’t think social media set out to be the new big tobacco,”  and really put an emphasis that they are making it a point to set an example for positive well-being. 

  2. Need a way to combat returns? Verishop offers a "no return" discount to shoppers during the checkout process, and 20% of the transactions are utilizing it, minimizing the costs that are associated with returns and access inventory. 

  3. Shoppable Commerce is all about testing, learning and iterating - then repeat.

    andrea speaking
    Andrea Moore, Chief Digital Officer of NEST New York (pictured second from the left) states "you don't have to be perfect, just get out there and start trying!"

  4. Want to leverage AI to better enable your business? Panera and Nordstrom took the stage, driving home that there's a perfect balance - and you must have all three to be successful: Technology + People + Process. 

  5. Experiential Marketing is back from pandemic hibernation. In fact if you create passion to go with the purchase, you're going to see quite the ROI. So get creative and deliver the experiences that consumers are looking for! 

Stay tuned for more Shoptalk insights, or reach out to us with any questions. 


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