Our CMO & CPO, Sarah Engel, in her third article of the Year of Agility series focuses on retailers finally kicking the wholesale habit.

After retailers and brands spent 2020 focused duct-taping everything back together, we are starting to see retailers and brands focusing on moving into new channels by accelerating shift from wholesale to DTC, weaning off wholesale with drop shipping and using marketplaces as the new department store.

So what does that mean? Being able to make these transitions, retailers and brands will be bringing in first-hand data, controlling the customer journey and experience all while moving product and making better margins.

The industry has proven that it’s resilient, surviving and thriving while showing off their flexibility and agility to keep going.

Click here to read more and gain further insights on how to move forward with this new shift in retail, putting the pedal to the medal in going DTC.

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